Monday, September 29, 2014

paper quilling

Few more Beautiful quilling crafts

I have another friend from college days.. Sachin Mangalwede, his wife Daya has made some beautiful paper quilling envelopes, vase and wall hanging is absolutely stunning!what do you think?!
I am waiting to learn this art.. 
Have a look at Daya's art below

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Quilling ear rings

Have a look at these colourful and pretty paper quilling ear rings! 
I take extreme pride in saying this.... these beautiful creations are of Manasvi... who is just eleven years  now. She is the daughter of a friend of my school days.... Sachin Rao
One more thing to mention ...
Manasvi has been a child model and has done a couple of ads.
Thanks Manasvi and Sachin.. for sharing the beautiful piece of art with me and allowing me to post them in my blog.
Very inspiring to all the kids.
Here is the picture of Manasvi's art

thermocol board

Thermocol board

I did this thermocol name board for my nephew Shrihari's thread ceremony.. in the month of may this year. The tough part was to cut   the alphabets neatly... which I guess I did fairly well.The coloring part was easy.. I first coloured the board and alphabets separately and attached the alphabets to the board... applied some glitter while the paint was still wet. The glitter is not visible in the picture  though.. !One more art piece to my blogspot :)
@vidya joshi

Saturday, September 13, 2014

pink pencil pouch with cute embelishment

Small purse or pencil pouch

I was just thinking of utilising small bits of fabric n other left out scraps n then came up with the idea of making pencil pouches n cosmetic bags and a few  hand purses .here is one such purse which is my daughter Prachi's favorite !