Sunday, September 27, 2015

Projects for september

Projects for September

After stitching a frock in august and finishing small kutchwork cushion cover projects, I had to take up few sewing projects for this month of September just out of necessity. 17th was Ganesha festival of this year. My colony celebrates Ganesha festival for two days & several cultural activities are such activity was the skit 'samudra manthana'. my daughter Prachi was also a part of it .she was offers d role of parijatha flower which comes out during samudra manthana.
Now my part was to stitch a costume for the role. I had to stitch an orange color blouse & off white saree.
I bought orange color brocade material  for the blouse ,stitched it using some decorative laces.
For the saree I used my old off white saree .I cut it  & stitched a small  ready to wear saree out of it.
For my younger daughter shripriya's role of chandra ,I used off white gold striped blouse piece to stitch a sleeveless frock.She just stood on the stage at the end of the play .I am very thankfully to my colony friend Pallavi Rao for allowing me to use the video recording of the skit.please find the link to Samudra manthana .
Thanks Pallavi.
Another stitching project was a top for my daughter for her bharatanatyam class.
This was fast done in 40 minutes.
Here are the pictures of the costumes stitched for the skit and dance that sum up my projects for September.
Now thinking of projects for October!