Friday, October 31, 2014

with sihi kahi chandru and Roopashree

With sihi kahi chandru the Nalamaharaja of Karnataka

I have been watching sihi kahi chandru's cookery shows  viz.BOMBATT BHOJANA &  BHOJANA PRIYA.
with Nalamaharaja of karnataka
Needless to say just like most of us, I am also a big fan of  these cookery shows.I guess mr.Chandru is the best cook of all the cookery shows telecasted  on kannada channels.As such I would like to bestow this title NALAMAHARAJA OF KARNATAKA on him.
I happened to meet Mr. Chandru today. I am very much delighted to share my photograph taken with Mr.Chandru today.

Just while writing for this post I suddenly remembered that I had participated in the Kannada cookery show SAVIRUCHI in the month  of march 2011.My daughter Prachi who was 4 years then inspired me to participate in the show.She thought she will get to participate. However she did not get a chance .I shared my recipes  SAKKARE HOLIGE AND CANTALOUPE SMOOTHIE with actress and host of the show Roopashree.My daughter gave my husband a tough time while I was shooting in the studios.She cried and cried as she was not allowed to cook.I guess she is definitely going for a cookery show when she grows.
I am thankful to my husband Ganesh for taking me to the Abhiman studios and encouraging me in pursuing my hobbies and interests.
Here are a few photographs taken om the sets of SAVIRUCHI at Abhiman studios.
with Roopashree on the sets of Saviruchi

Prachi gets makeup done by the professionals :)

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