Thursday, October 23, 2014

sweet shankarpali

sweet shankarpali

Happy diwali to all!
Here is my sweet recipe for Diwali this year.Very simple and easy recipe to make.
The ingredients required are,
  1. ghee or clarified butter 1 measure
  2. sugar 1 measure
  3. milk 1 measure
  4. maida or All purpose flour.(APP)(just enough to form a soft dough ..not too much. I lost the measurement of how much I exactly used this time.. but will check and post back later)
  5. Oil to deep fry
  • In a vessel  warm the milk .
  • add sughar to dissolve
  • add melted ghee or clarified butter
  • Let the mixture cool for some time.Add maida(APP) to the mixture and keep on adding till a soft dough is formed.Note that too much of maida or excess maida is going to make the shankarpali hard and not very crisp.
  • Let the dough of maida,sugar,milk and ghee rest for about 4 hours.
method :
  • make medium sized  balls of the dough.Roll with the help of rolling pin. You will not need any maida for dusting,to roll out the roti ,out of the dough as it has lot of ghee in it.
  • cut diamonds out of the roti rolled.
  • deep fry in batches till light golden in colour.

Enjoy crisp shankarpali on Diwali

Store in air tight container for about a week on the shelf.

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Milind DESAI said...

Yummy I love it