Friday, October 10, 2014

letter holder

Letter holder

Inspired from traditional patch work of Karnataka .. called kavadi or kavudi
I was very much inspired by the patchwork quilt , which  a construction worker had put to dry in the sun. The quilts are called kavadi in kannada and godhadi in marathi languages respectively.
Immediately I went to her, her name is Chandrakantamma. She is from Gulbarga district. I will write about her and her work in the coming posts.On asking about how she did the patch work quilt she readily gave me the details... and needless to say, my hands were itching to pick the needle to do a miniature patch work stuff!or so called kavadi..
With no delay. I did 2 small pieces and took to her to show  the next day.
The picture is attached here.

To work manually is time consuming.. and also very laborious... I came up with a new idea. I decided to do patch work on  machine  using the same method of patch work second time. Although there is a huge difference in the out come!
 Out of the two patch work pieces I did.. the hand patched and the machine patched... I decided to stitch a letter holder using the machine stitched pieces, which looks so perfect for the typical Indian home.
Here are the pictures of the letter holder,patch work done on a sewing machine.
You can make one for your sweet home!
Close up of the patch work
My new letter holder adorning my home
The other pieces of patch work done by hand are yet to be stitched into a letter holder!

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