Monday, October 13, 2014

Letter holder

 Inspired from the traditional patchwork quilts from karnataka called ... kavadi or kavudi..

As mentioned in my previous post about the letter holder(,letter holder)  I was very much inspired by the kavadi lying in the sun to dry... I picked the needle ... scraps.. thick one strand thread and did two small pieces of patch work by hand. While working on these patches what I found out was, this method of patch work is extremely flexible as we can use any size of scraps to make a big  quilt!
Here is the picture of the hand sewn patch work piece.

While working on the pieces itself I had already decided to make a  letter holder out of these. The hand stitched patch work has its own beauty .The colourful thread used in the kantha work( running stitch) to hold the patches together makes it very attractive. Without  delaying  further today I finished putting the quilted pieces together to convert into this beautiful letter holder  to adorn my home.

Here is the picture of the two letter holders hanginging together.
 Yes I call them twins!
The twin letter holders!

I liked the hand patched more than the machine patched where as my daughter liked the latter!
Which one do you like the most?


Anonymous said...

nice letter holders

Anonymous said...

Nice work

Carol said...

Thanks for sharing Vidya. They look great.