Sunday, October 26, 2008


my diwali 'Pharal' is ready. I have made shankarpali,badam halva,chivada,chakli,nippattu(almost got over) and today yet to make karanji(karchikayi/gilaganchi) and cornflakes chivada.
Will post a picture of the pharal items shortly.
Yesterday I made 'Tachani besan laddu' also called as Rava besan laddu.This is second time I am making this after a small trial batch last week. I prefer this laddu to besan ladu ever since I was small . I made it on my own after my mother told me over phone exactly how to make it. And she was very happy when I said that it really turned out very well.
This is my first post of diwali pharal(many more yet to post ) and also for the contest ''sweet celebrations '' by Aparna..

for syrup: 2 cups sugar( u can add 1:1 ratio also... i prefer less sweet)
water just enough to cover the sugar.
few strands of saffron
other ingredients:
1 1/2 cup bombay rava(fine semolina)
3/4 cup besan (ratio is 2 rava: 1 besan)
ghee 4 tbsp + 7 tbsp
few cashews halved
few raisins
pinch of cardamom powder.
roast rava in 4 tbsp ghee on a medium flame stirring continuously to get nice golden colour and keep aside in another bowl.
roast besan in 7 tbsp ghee till it becomes golden and add the dry fruits and pour in the same bowl of rava.
prepare sugar syrup by adding just enough water to cover the sugar and stir occasionally.add saffron. to check the consistency take some water in a small katori(steel bowl) drop the syrup and if it does not mix into water and forms like jelly... it is ready.(or make one string consistency syrup .What i mentioned is little kachcha syrup))
pour the syrup on the rava besan mixture mix well and let cool.
keep on checking... may be after 2 hours.. you will find that the mixture is just right to roll into balls. add cardamom powder and mix well and make the laddus of the size u like.
Enjoy the delicious 'TACHANI BESAN LADDU'


Aparna said...

Thses laddus look delicious. I make besan laddu and rawa laddu but never tried the two together.
Thanks for joining me in celebrating.

Ramya said...

Lovely Ladoos :)

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

Ladoos look great perfectly sized...

Vibaas said...

Hi Vidya, i came from malar's blog. laddus look perfect.

Btw, i'm vidya too :)


Thanks for the comments my friends.

Anonymous said...

The ladoos look tempting but were a big disappointment. It was extremely sweet. Waste of time and ingredients.