Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Shenga undi/peanut laddu/groundnut laddu

Shenga undi/peanut laddu/groundnut laddu

ಶೇಂಗಾ ಉಂಡಿ 
    This shenga undi is usually prepared on every Ekadasi day.Ekadahi is the 11th day of the Hindu calendar and there are two Ekadasis in each month.Usually most of the Brahmins keep a fast on this day.Fast is kept as per their capacity.some only consume teertha or holy water,some only fruits n milk and some a few permitted snacks.My late grand mother(mother's mother) used to do ekadasi vrata and I would be eagerly looking forward to the ekadasis as the vrat food used to be very tasty and a change from regular rice,sabzi, roti,dal was very refreshing.She would make sabudani khichadi,shenga undi and green chatni.
Every time I see or have this vrat ka khana..
    I remember her.So dedicating this shenga undi recipe to my loving grandmohter.
   This is again a very simple recipe requires only two ingredients.
The ingredients:
  1. a cup of dry roasted and cleaned peanuts/groundnuts/shenga/kadlekayi
  2. less than a cup or 3/4 cup of powdered jaggery


  1. Dry roast the raw peanuts.Remove on a flat surface and let them cool to handle
  2. once cool enough to handle remove the skin of the roasted peanuts and clean them.  
  3. once cleaned put the peanuts into a mixer jar run for a few secs. only to make a very coarse powder.
  4. add the powdered jaggery and run the mixer again to form a powder managable to bind into laddus.

Make laddus of the shape and size you desire.Serve with sabudana khichadi.

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