Thursday, October 16, 2014


Learn to share

 My younger daughter is 15 months now and just like all babies her age, she is very fond of watching dogs n cows passing by.Today morning around 10. A.M.. we happened to see a cow and a dog in the street.
They just did not pass the street.. they left  a message which I  would love to share with you all in this blog.
There were some corn husks and Indian bread( chapati)left on the street to feed the cows passing by. This is very common in here.
The cow and the dog come at the same time.Cow reaches the stuff left first... the dog waits on the side patiently...
Cow is eating the corn husk,while dog is looking at her...then the cow turns to dog.. which looks like they r communicating..
Cow eats only the corn husk ..leaving the chapati...  left the street.
Then dog came picked the chapati..and ate it.

Even the animals share food , why not us?
Please do not waste food.. many are hungry.
This of course is my perspective.
The other thoughts are:
  •  The cow might just be herbivorous
  •  It may not have liked the chapati 
  • It might be avoiding junk!
these are my random thoughts.what are yours?... Please leave a comment.

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