Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How to stitch a letter holder / D I Y letter holder

Make your own letter holder

In my previous posts about the letter holders, I have just shown the letter holders I made patching the left over scraps.
In this post I am going to show, how to stitch the wall hanging letter holder all by yourselves.
You can call it a Do It Yourself project.(DIY letter holder)
materials required are..
  1. canvas
  2. cloth double the size of the canvas....(this is going to be back portion)
  3. patch worked pieces, 2 numbers
  4. cloth to cover the 2 patch worked pieces
  5. lace or binding
  6. thread to stitch
  1. Attach  the canvas to the cloth you have chosen to form the back portion of the letter holder.
  3.  Attach cloth to the 2 patch worked pieces. joined along the red dotted line.
  4. keep the bottom part of the front piece or to say the 1st patch worked piece on the bottom part of the back piece ,pin it and place a mark...as pointed by the index finger.
  6. take the 2nd patched piece ,place it 1 inch below the marked line and flip it down towards the 1st piece.
  7. stitch it .Flip it back . put a turning seam after flipping.
  8. stitch along the long sides of the front and back pieces put together.
  9. fold it into half ,cut 3- 4 inches above the top patched piece to get any shape u desire.straight,domed etc.
  10. using the lace or binding stitch along the edges.
  11. attach a ring or lace to hang it on to the wall.
  12. The ready letter holder looks like this

If any of the instructions are not clear or easy to understand do leave a comment so that I can improvise.
I am always ready to learn from  :)
Enjoy making your own letter holder!

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