Wednesday, December 24, 2008

karid avalakki chivda

This is one of the varieties of the chivda.In kannada 'karida 'means deep fried.Thick poha is deep fried in oil to make it extra crispy n crunchy.Tastes very yum with hot tea.As the poha is deep fried it is not a healthy food though :P.. so weight wathcers n cal conscious people .. watchout please!


Thick poha 2/3 cups

peanuts 2 tbsp

roasted chana 1 tbsp

curry leaves a few

cashews a 5-6

almonds 5-6

red chilies 1 or 2

oil for deep frying

and salt,chili powder, to taste and a pinch each of asafoetida and turmeric powder.


heat oil in a kadhai .. Oil has to be hot as need for frying the bhajjis. Take a medium sized metal strainer...holding this strainer in the hot oil first deep fry peanuts,cashews,roasted chana,almonds and the red chili.Strain on a tissue and keep aside.Fry curry leaves as wee.. be very careful while frying as it splashes out the hot oil.

In the same strainer start frying thick poha just a few teaspoons at a time .. frying does not take much time. Strain all the excess oil very well and spread the fried poha on a tissue .Discard the leftover oil.

when the poha is hot add all fried ingredients and salt,chili powder,haldi,hing and mix well.

Enjoy the Delicious fried chivda with a cup of hot tea.

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workhard said...

Yummy.. These snacks are so much healthier to make at home.. Outside the oils they use is really lo quality ...