Friday, December 6, 2013

a smocking frock

When I was small girl I remember my mother used to stitch me frocks with all the embroidery that she had learnt, so smocking frock was one among those., I remember having an umbrella frock,which was my favorite as it would swirl as I spinned.
I had always thought of stitching an umbrella frock n a smocking frock for my elder daughter . umbrella frock I stitched was sleeve less, black n white color and  s he used it almost 3 years . very recently, that is just before DIWALI I thought of stitching smocking frock ,as I found a nice satin material here  is my addition to the art part of my blog and,

My first post in the last few years after returning to India.


Anonymous said...

Nice work !

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Anonymous said...

Hi...Prachi looks smart.... I just opened your blog to check the quilts...want to try one