Thursday, December 10, 2015

old saree to new

Reviving an old saree

I had this old saree of 6 years.For some reasons I have not worn this more than four times.I did not like the border much.It has been lying in the cupboard since a long time  and I am thinking what to do with this?
Should I donate it to someone?just when I was thinking what to do with this saree, I got this idea to attach beautiful n colourful lace to give it a new life!
This is my first try at making a designer saree you can say.Taking  little steps.
Along with the saree I also attached the lace to the sleeves of the blouse! beautiful n colourful  my saree looks now??
I just can't wait for an occasion to wear this now!!
Here are the pictures.
Old saree

Colourful lace bought for it.

Saree n blouse after the lace is attached

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