Tuesday, October 4, 2016

silk thread jhumkas

silk thread jhumkas

it has been  a long time since my last post.I have been making additions to my art skills  like kundan rangoli making,beads Jewellery making silk tread jhumkas and recipes .However,I have not been  able to post regularly...
here comes  one more post to my Jewellery making craft.yes this is very much in trend now!silk thread Jewellery !
I have  made only jhumkas.yet to make necklaces and bangles.I must say this definitely needs lot of patience but after loking at the finished  product  definitely  feels it's  a very relaxing,creative  art!Its worth time and patience.
here are some of the pictures!


sandhya girish said...

Too good. You are very talented


thanks sandhya.All GOD's blessings!