Wednesday, September 10, 2008


when I was in school and college I was more interested in doing embroidery and stitching. I did join knitting class in 1992 summer.I did a pair of socks and a baby sweater in brick pattern in black and orange color, which I have not finished to this date.
I felt knitting takes lot of patience and did not carry on .Now I have a small 2 years old daughter around I do stitching and embroidery but not very often.
.All of a sudden ,I felt like I should do at least one sweater for my daughter and picked up the needles again.
I practiced a bit ,made a small jacket for a little Elmo she has.And I was confident enough to start the sweater.In almost 2 weeks i.e 2 hrs a day approximately this sweater was ready.I am so proud that I finished this ! when I told my mother that I finished this sweater she did not forget to remind me of the sweater which is still lying unfinished for years.I sure will finish it and meanwhile second sweater for my daughter is getting ready.