Tuesday, March 24, 2015

pillow case/cushion covers

Pillow covers

Look at the above square pillow!!( cushion). Isn't it very colourful? By now you can make out that this pillow case is stitched using bits of fabrics.
I have made a new year resolution to take up a new project each month and complete it and also to work with bits of fabric that have been lying filled up in a small plastic drum. As  a best out of waste project and to use the scraps this project pillow case was taken up in the month of January.
February was all baking as my convection microwave was servised and I could use the convention mode which had not been able to do for some reasons.
 I made 4 such colourful pillow cases which have become my daughter's favourite :)what do you think!?? 
March is all study.... n kids exam time ;)


sonalee said...

Saw your work. Nice to see a fellow quilter's blog in India. I blog at http://www.creativeinstincts.wordpress.com


Vidya Joshi said...

Thank u sonalee for stopping by and appreciating my work.sure will visit your blog. :)