Friday, November 28, 2014

Bellulli chatni pudi/ garlic coconut chatni powder

Bellulli chatni  pudi/ garlic coconut chatni powder

This is a very easy to make chatni pudi recipe.Bellulli or garlic is considered to be good for health.Consuming it on daily basis helps fight many diseases such as cough,cold etc.It is also considered to be a natural antiviral,antibacterial,reduces cholesterol,insulin,blood pressure.Protects heart,good for allergies,prevents cancers,reduces weight,helps maintain body heat.... and so on. Brahmans usually avoid garlic and onions in the daily cooking,but use garlic as a medicine in the postpartum diets.

Usually after the delivery(postpartum or postnatal) mothers are put on a diet and not allowed to consume raw chilies, raw coconut etc in the food..usually the food is bland and this chatni pudi accompnied with the meal gives a very good taste and makes food much tastier.

The ingredients are:

  1. grated dry coconut 1 cup
  2. garlic pods 20.. (indian jawari)
  3. red chili powder(byadgi variety) 2 tbsp
  4. salt 1/2 tsp 
  1. dry roast the grated coconut just to remove the rawness from it.
  2. dry roast the peeled garlic pods to get rid of the raw smell.

Remove on a plate and let these cool a bit.
Once cool enough, put all the ingredients,run in a mixer jar to form a coarse powder.The delicious bellulli chatni pudi is ready.

Take out on a plate let it cool completely to store in a jar.
Can be Stored over the shelf in air tight container for about a week.

you can skip the roasting part and make the same chatni pudi without roasting any of the ingredients.

Enjoy with jowar roti(jolada rotti)curd rice,bread toast,hot rice with some ghee, which ever way you like it! 

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